Manipura Chakra


    The Sanskrit word Mani means “gem’ or ‘jewel’. the word Pura means city. Therefore, the word Manipura literally means the city of gems. It is so called because of the intensity of Pranic energy at this center. In the Gautamiya Tantra, it says, “The Manipura chakra is so called because it is lustrous like a sparkling jewel.” (ch. 34) It is often compared to the dazzling power of the sun, which continually radiates energy to the planets. Manipura Chakra is considered the seat of all fires: digestion, willpower, solar resonance, etc. Contains the power of creation and destruction. Shining, powerful, forceful. Mastery in controlling Manipura Chakra brings freedom from disease, alchemical ability, clairvoyance, and lasting happiness. It is related to Samana Vayu.


    The chakras are Prana centers within the human framework. Chakra means wheels that are correlated with nerve plexuses with surrounding small plexuses. The Shad Chakra of the body controls the Mental as well as physical activity of different autonomic ganglia. In each person, there are myriad chakras. However, only a few main Chakras are utilized in yogic practice to get benefits. These few are the ones that span the full spectrum of man’s being from the gross to the subtle.

    These Main Chakras are:

    • Mooladhara
    • Manipura
    • Vishuddhi
    • Swadhisthana
    • Anahata
    • Ajna
    • Sahasrara

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    – Dr. Sahil Gupta (B.A.M.S., M.H.A.)

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    Description of Manipura Chakra

    tantunà manivat proto yatra kandah susumnayà |

    tan näbhi-mandalam cahram procyate manipuraham | 23|| 

    (Goraksha Samhita)


    The place where the “bulb” (Kanda) is strung on the Sushumna like a jewel on a thread is the chakra of the navel region called Manipuraka. The word tantu means a thread, like a sutra. That place where the Kanda is placed as if strung on the Sushumna is the navel region and is called the Manipura Chakra.


    In the navel center is a blue lotus with ten petals lacing upwards named manipuraka. The petals are decorated with the letters from da to pha (da, dha, na, ta, tha, da, dha, na, pa, pha) which are blue-colored. In the center of the pericarp is a red circle of fire around which is the four-armed fire bija-mantra (ram) as bright as the sun, placed on a ram that has the shape of the swastika. Sitting on the lap of this seed syllable is the form of Maharudra, who is red and smeared with ashes. He is accompanied by his Energy named Lakini, who is blue.


    • Location – Navel
    • Color- Dark gray, red, blue (also gold)
    • Spokes- 10
    • Mantra- RAM
    • Element- Tejas (Fire)
    • Ruling Deities- Rudra, Lakini
    • Activity- Vision, Walking

    Article Written By: Dr. Sahil Gupta, Ayurvedic Allergy Specialist


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