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Institute of Applied Food Allergy® located in Delhi-NCR is founded in the year of 2008, under the leadership of Dr. Sahil Gupta (Founder and CEO). Institute of Applied Food Allergy® or IAFA, with years of experience has become the Ayurvedic leaders in allergic disorder management. Our team consists of eminent Ayurveda doctors, paramedical staff, Yoga professionals, meditation specialists, counselling specialists and other supporting staff. The great team effort with advanced Ayurvedic methods used by IAFA is the reason behind our success. IAFA, along with treating allergic conditions is successfully managing wide range of chronic conditions including fungal infections and pediatric disorders. Along with Ayurveda treatments, IAFA is also producing good quality natural products including Ayurvedic medicines and supplements.


IAFA follows genuine Ayurveda measures recorded in ancient scriptures namely Ashtanga Hrudaya, Susrutha Samhita and Charaka Samhita. Institute of Applied Food Allergy® have conducted various researches based on Ayurvedic references and are using those measures in the successful management of various conditions. The evidence based Ayurvedic measures are including internal medications, external procedures and other unique treatments are being used with high success rates in case of wide range of allergic conditions including Food Allergy, Nasal Allergy and Skin Allergy as well as similar chronic conditions. The ancient Ayurvedic measures to fulfill various purposes of life through health is the major aim of Dr. Gupta’s IAFA. Our successful health assurance, made us to grow from a small clinic to a leading Ayurvedic Allergy treatment center in India. IAFA is true example for a destination using Ayurveda and Yoga under single shade for managing wide range of conditions.


Through the years of practice, research and propagation, IAFA has reached millions of our followers by giving “Wellness” to all.

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