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Bakuchi (Psoraliacorylifolia)

Bakuchi -Psoraliacorylifolia

Bakuchiis commonly known as purple flame.  It is a very important drug in Ayurveda as it possesses so many medicinal values. The name Bakuchi denotes that a reputed drug or that which pacifies Vatadosha. The seedsofBakuchi have white streaks inside hence got the name Somaraji. It is very useful in skin diseases particularly in Svitra (vitiligo), so it is known as Kushtaghni.


Dr.Gupta’s IAFA has been continuously working on Bakuchi plant for discovering more medicinal properties the plant. Our experts found out that the plant can act as a chemoprotective, antioxidant, antimicrobial, and antiinflammatory agent.The extracts of Bakuchipossess antitumor, antihyperglycemic, antidepressant, and antioxidant activities.  The water extract of Psoraliacordifoliapossesses antibacterial property. Seed powder can be used asanthelminthic, diuretic, laxative agent.It can be used for healing wounds. Seeds of Bakuchiare used as stimulant, stomachic, aphrodisiac and diaphoretic. It is useful in the treatment of different kinds of disorders such as asthma, cough, nephritis etc. The phytoconstituents likepsoralen and isopsoralenfound in the plant Bakuchihave antibacterial, antiviral andantitumor properties. It is very effective in Alopaciaareata and hair loss.

Action of Bakuchi –Psoraliacorylifoliain Allergies

IAFA has been constantly working onBakuchi to found out the antiallergic and antiinflammatory properties of the plant. The plant contains phytoconstituents like corylifolean, corylifolin, corylifolinin,bakuchicin, psoralidin, isopsoralidin, bavachin, isobavachin, bavachinin, bavachalcone and these helps in the aniallergic properties of the plant.

Vernacular names and Classification

Botanical NamePsoraleacorylifolia
Native Names
Sanskrit NameBakuchi, Avalguja, Somaraji
Hindi NameBabchi,Bavachi
English NamePsoraliaseed,Malaya tea, Purple flame 
Malayalam NameKarkokil
Kannada NameBavanchi, Banchige

Ayurveda reference ofBakuchi –Psoraliacorylifolia

Morphology of Bakuchi–Psoraliacorylifolia

  • A small erect annual plant
  • Stem – covered with white hairs
  • Leaves – simple, roundish,  toothed margin, glabrescent
  • Flowers – blue in colour, axillary and arranged in 10- 30 racemes
  • Seeds – black in colour having unpleasant smell, have white streaks inside.

Geographical distribution ofBakuchi–Psoraliacorylifolia

Bakuchi is distributed in different parts of the world especially in tropical and subtropical regions like India, China, Southern Africa.It is found throughout India, especially in the Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh,Bundelkhand, Bengal, Bihar, Deccan, and Karnataka.This plant is also widely distributed in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world, especially China and Southern Africa.

Phytoconstituents ofBakuchi–Psoraliacorylifolia

The plant contains phytoconstituents like flavonoids, such as corylifolean, corylifolin, corylifolinin, bakuchicin, psoralidin, isopsoralidin, bavachin, isobavachin, bavachinin, bavachalcone, isobavachalcone, 7-O-methyl bavachin, bavachromanol, corylin, corylidin, corylinal, 4-O-methyl bavachalcone, neobavaisoflavone, bavachromene, neobavachalcone, bakuchalcone, isoneobavachalcone, psoralone, isopsoralone, psoralenol, and psoralidin-2,3-oxide diacetate in seeds. Leaves contain raffinose, psoralen, and isopsoralen.   

Parts used ofBakuchi–Psoraliacorylifolia

  • Seed 
  • Seed oil

Dosage ofBakuchi–Psoraliacorylifolia

  • Seed powder 3-6 gms

Medicinal Properties ofBakuchi–Psoraliacorylifolia

  • Rasayani- Rejuvinative
  • Ruchya- Improves digestion
  • Kaphaghna – Alleviates Kapha
  • Rathapittahara- Useful in bleeding disorders
  • Hrdya – Good to heart
  • Svasaghna- Alleviates Asthma
  • Kushtaghna- Useful in skin diseases
  • Jvaraghna- Alleviates fever
  • Krimighna- Useful in worm infestation

Home remedies ofBakuchi–Psoraliacorylifolia

In Ayurveda the treatment of different kinds of diseases are done by naturally availing non toxic drugs. We are continuously working on these plants to find out its pharmacological actions. IAFA have done so many studies on the plant Bakuchi and foud out that it has wide range of actions. Some of the home remedies are given below.

  • Kushta(Skin disease)– 4 gms of Bakuchi taken along with half glass of hot water and the patient is exposed to sunlight and kept on milk diet.
  • Vruna(Wounds)–  The paste of leaves of Bakuchi is applied over the wound
  • Keshya (Hair fall) – Leaves of Bakuchi made into paste and applied over hair and wash out after proper administration of it.
  • Krimi(Worm infestation)– 5 gm of bakuchi powder along with honey is taken internally for 3 days.
  • Kasa(Cough)– 3gm of Bakuchi powder is taken along with 5ml of juice from leaves of Vasa is taken internally for 5 days.
  • Sopha (Generalized swelling) – 3 gm of Bakuchi powder is taken internally along with hot water for 5 days.
  • Ama (Indigestion) – 6 gm of bakuchi powder is taken internally with honey for 2 days.
  • Indralupta (Alopecia areata) – Leaves of Bakuchi is made into paste and applied over affected area and remove after 20 minutes with luke warm water. 

Article Written By: Dr. Sahil Gupta, Ayurvedic Allergist

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