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    Manipura Chakra

    The Sanskrit word Mani means "gem' or 'jewel'. the word Pura means city. Therefore, the word Manipur...
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    The Paschimottanasana word is derived from Paschima meaning posterior or back or west and the word U...
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    Bhujangasana also known as Cobra stretch Asana. In Hath Yoga and modern Yoga, this Asana is mentione...
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    Dhauti Karma

    This cleansing Karma is used to train the mind and body for voluntary control over the anti-peristal...
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    Kapala Bhati is one of the Shat Karma and is a powerful breathing technique that helps to remove tox...
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    Nauli Kriya

    Nauli Karma or Nauli Kriya or Laukik Kriya is one of the Shat Karma (the yogic procedure done for cl...

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