Which Plant-Based Milk is Best for Coffee?

Your search for the best plant milk for coffee ends here. Coffee is the first thing we have when we wake up, it can make or break our day. So, we want it to be the best. As an Indian, I know how our beautiful mornings start with a cup of warm coffee. And, What do we crave when we do something productive? What’s gonna keep us awake to study? It’s coffee, coffee, and coffee. The most common beverage we all drink. But, I have seen lately that many people have turned out to be vegans and prefer to have vegan foods to keep themselves healthy and also for a safer environment. But, little do we know that not every plant-based milk blends with your coffee. Some plant milk may get curdled and some plant milk may change the taste and flavour of your coffee. So, we have come up with the best plant milk for coffee. 

What to Look for in Your Plant Milk? 

Well, when you are gonna choose plant milk for your morning coffee, the following are the things that you need to check:-

  • Consistency of milk
  • The taste of coffee when mixed with
  • Blending ability of the milk
  • The flavour of your coffee.

How Does Plant Milk Impact Your Coffee?

Of course, milk is the main ingredient in coffee unless you prefer it to be black. We all know that dairy milk brings up the perfect smooth texture and creamy flavour. It would be awesome if our plant milk does the same thing. Isn’t it necessary to know how your plant-based milk has an impact on your coffee?

  • It can change the flavour.
  • It can make your coffee aesthetic.
  • It can change the texture.
  • It can make your coffee foamier.
  • It can make your coffee creamier.

So, it is vital to know the best plant milk for coffee. 


Books Written by Dr. Sahil Gupta (B.A.M.S, M.H.A.)

Which Plant Milk is the Best? 

Allegra gives us some awesome data about the plant milk that stands out and blends well with our coffee. You can see it from the picture, it’s pretty clear. 

But let’s get into some deeper insights, and can ourselves decide on which plant milk to choose. 

1. Soy Milk: 

Soy milk is the most familiar replica of dairy milk due to its creamy texture and the same amount of protein content. The omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids keep our hearts healthy too. 

Okay, But with Coffee? 

We all want to know, now, whether our plant milk blends with our coffee or not. That’s it, right? Well, let’s see:-

  • Soy milk brings the same creamier texture to your coffee as dairy milk does.
  • You can even skim it well to get some foam like a barista.
  • The flavour remains intact.
  • The taste is unchanged.

Is Soy Milk a Good Option? 

Obviously, go for it. Make your coffee look aesthetic and taste creamier. 

Note: Curdling may occur sometimes. Watch out for the brand and keep the temperature of milk warm, not hotter. If you have any soy milk allergies, please avoid them, otherwise, we can tell that soy milk is the best plant milk for coffee. 

2. Almond Milk: 

Everyone’s favourite Almond milk comes with sweetened and unsweetened options to opt for, it is booming. Its low sugar, low fat and nutty taste make it more craving. 

Okay, But with Coffee? 

Huh! We should be honest here. The nutty flavour is not going to make us go nuts about this milk for our coffee. Why? Because:-

  • It brings a nutty taste to the coffee, which may not be preferable.
  • Your coffee may taste a bit bitter in the end.
  • Maybe curdled.
  • No creamy aesthetic texture due to less protein in it.

Coffee with Almond Milk, Please? 

Not to disappoint you, but it’s better to go for other options if you like your coffee to be sweeter and creamier. You can still have it if you like it to taste black.

But we can see that almond milk is preferred by many and you can also go for it if you:-

  • Like it to be nutty.
  • Some love bitter coffee, I know right, if you are the one, just enjoy it.
  • Prefer less creamy.

We are not sure whether almond milk can be the best plant milk for coffee. Try and let’s know in the comments, how was your experience with it. We suggest you avoid it if you have any tree nut allergies. 

3. Coconut Milk: 

Coconut milk is sweeter, denser, creamier and loved by many. The fats in coconut milk can put on some weight. But, yes many love the taste of coconut milk and use it in cooking some Indian curries too. 

Coffee with Coconut Milk? 

Both C’s blend together like a perfect combo. Coconut milk makes the coffee tastier, its natural dense texture makes coffee foamy and frothy. But some debates still go on that coconut milk brings its flavour to the coffee which some may prefer not. 

Can I Use Coconut Milk? 

Of course, coconut milk could be the best option for your coffee as:-

  • It’s readily available and affordable than almond and cashew milk.
  • Its natural sweetness is a plus.
  • The natural dense texture of coconut milk brings the foam you want in your coffee. 

The Only Thing Is? 

It may bring the coconut flavour to your coffee, experiment before you go for it. If you prefer and are okay with the coconut flavour then coconut milk is the best plant milk for coffee due to its sweetness and creaminess.

4. Oat Milk: 

The creamy, sweet flavour of oat milk makes it compete with cows’ milk for coffee. The malty flavour just makes the coffee better and better and many are fans of it. You must try one! The beta-glucans of oat milk are best friends to your heart. Its fibre is the best buddy to your gut. It would be best to go gluten-free if you have a gluten and wheat allergy.

Awesome! But with Coffee?

Oh, wait. If it has so many benefits and is preferred by many, do you still doubt blending it with your coffee? Of course, it does. 

  • Oat milk is naturally sweet and brings a sweet flavour to your coffee mug. 
  • The creamy flavour lingers on your tongue.
  • Can get the better foam to your coffee. 

Tastier and healthier! 

Go for It:

You can use oat milk for your coffee and you can also make one at home which is less expensive and easily available. Don’t you think saving some bucks and getting your coffee easily is super fun by the best plant milk for coffee, oat milk?

5. Cashew Milk: 

If you want your coffee to be a bubble one and less nutty with but milk, then here you go, cashew milk does the job. It has some good fats that are healthy for your heart and more calcium for your bones.

Coffee with Cashew? 

Yes, yet another best 2C combo at your table. Cashew milk can be the best option for your coffee if you want your coffee to be:-

  • More creamy
  • More of bubbles
  • Naturally sweetened
  • Made of nut milk
  • Less nuttiness


But what? You might be wondering. No doubt, cashew will be your coffee’s best buddy but did you know that it’s not pocket friendly? Yes, cashew milk is pricey and it doesn’t matter to you, go and grab cashew milk and make your coffee. We promise that cashew milk can be the best plant milk for coffee if you have the money for it. 

6. Rice Milk:

Rice milk is handy, economical, naturally sweet and of good fats. It’s preferred by many who have tree nut allergies and are lactose intolerant. It has low proteins making it less creamy than dairy milk. 

Can I have Coffee Made with Rice Milk? 

You can have it if you want your coffee to be:-

  • Less creamy
  • More dilute
  • Devoid of nutty flavour
  • Dominate the coffee aroma
  • Neutral taste

Rice Milk, Are You Sure? 

Yeah! Rice milk is good to go if you want your coffee to be as mentioned above. But you can leave it in the aisle if you prefer the creamier and foamier coffee. 

Here we go, we have provided you with 6 popularly available plant-based milk to choose which is the best plant milk for coffee. Choose one and enjoy your warm and cosy cup of coffee. 

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