What Happens if Tinea Versicolor is Left Untreated?

Tinea Versicolor

Introducing Disease

The Tinea Versicolor that can occur during the summer season, as a rule, is not painful, much less risky to health. But they can undoubtedly create a fair number of discomfort, not only of an aesthetic nature.

Tinea Versicolor

Symptoms and Causes

The appearance of light spots on tanned skin or reddened or slightly peeling skin, sometimes associated with burning or itching, are the main manifestations that are view in most cases. And that can persist even for several weeks if not intervenes immediately. You can fight it with the targeted antifungal treatment of Tinea Versicolor in Ayurveda.

The skin discomfort that you feel often causes you to touch or rub the area affected by the mycosis, further damaging the skin, amplifying the symptoms, and favoring the spread of pathogenic microorganisms to other parts of the body as exposing to the risk of bacterial infection. But even when the spots are small or not very noticeable, knowing that you have skin fungus can generate serious embarrassment and psychological discomfort. For this reason, too, preventing mycoses is much better than having to treat them after contracting them. In this regard, however, emphasize that not all mycoses are contagious.

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Risk Factors for Increase Chances of Tinea Versicolor

  • The most impacted populations are those who live in tropical or subtropical countries.
  • Hot and humid climate. It is more common in temperate climates during the summer months and around puberty when the skin’s oil glands are more active.
  • Heavy sweating (for example, in people who exercise a lot or engage in some activity), the sun, chlorine in the pool, too much time spent soaking and sweating. It allows pathogenic microorganisms, always present in minimal quantities on the epidermis, to take the upper hand on healthy skin microflora to act undisturbed.
  • The use of oils or products that can clog the skin pores
  • Genes play a part as well.
  • Since persons with weak immune systems are more prone to infections, Tinea Versicolor is more likely to appear in them.

If you don’t treat Tinea Versicolor with time, it will spread all over the body. It will directly affect the immune system of the person and make the body weak. However, it will negatively impact your personality and look. You will feel uncomfortable when you go out for a meeting or trip.

It may not be contagious. But it will cause skin rashes in the summer environment that will cause pain in the body. The rashes can be worse if the conditions are humidity and sweating. It can cause excessive itching. Besides, the degree of discoloration can affect your face, arms and will make you uncomfortable. Spots will emerge more noticeably as you tan.

Therefore, people should get proper treatment of Tinea Versicolor in Ayurveda.

Consult Online with Dr. Sahil Gupta (B.A.M.S., M.H.A.)Diet Gets Affected

Other risk factors that facilitate the onset of cutaneous candidiasis are therapies with antibiotics or other drugs that weaken the body following an unregulated diet, lack of vitamins and essential micronutrients, and rich in sugars, increase in blood sugar.

People require including raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains such as broccoli, green beans, and green leafy vegetables in your diet. People having Tinea Versicolor can consume fresh pumpkin seeds, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and citrus fruits. In this way, they can protect their diet.


Hence, Tinea Versicolor is a very harmful fungal infection. It requires a permanent potent solution for fungal infections. Ayurvedic treatment is specifically more result oriented in the treatment of fungal infections and bacterial infections. Ayurveda and its super-healing formula will help you to get rid of fungal infection. Besides, Ayurvedic medicines for local application like IAFA AF-7 Oil, AF-7 Wash, AF-7 Bar and AF-7 Powder will also remove the scars or patches after the fungal infection. It is perfect for people who have fungal infections.