How to Treat Food Hypersensitivity with Ayurvedic Remedies?

Treat Food Hypersensitivity with Ayurvedic Remedies

What is Food Hypersensitivity?

Food Hypersensitivity or Food Allergy is quoted as Aahar Asatmya as per Ayurveda. When someone eats food that is not tolerated by the body and the body starts producing inflammatory reactions. This results in allergy or hypersensitivity in the body.

This is the general explanation of food hypersensitivity, but the main question that strikes is why it happens and how one can deal with it. Hang around till the end and have an insightful read, we are going to cover every detail of it and the bonus tips in the end just only for you. Oh, wait! Don’t jump straight to the end, read the entire blog, it is written with in-depth research to educate and make you aware of Food Hypersensitivity.

Causes of Food Hypersensitivity

Food Hypersensitivity is generally due to the autoimmune reactions produced by the body. Let’s look deep into some of the other causes of food hypersensitivity:-

  • The tri dosha imbalance, especially the vitiation of Pitta dosha, results in food hypersensitivity, particularly towards foods like spicy, sour, fermented foods and some veggies like brinjal, potatoes and tomatoes.
  • When the body’s immune system mistakenly treats the proteins of the food as infectious elements and starts producing inflammatory reactions.
  • When certain people don’t have any particular enzyme to digest a particular food. The best example here is lactose intolerance.
  • Some stomach disorders like irritable bowel syndrome and ulcers make it hard for the gut to digest food.
  • Some are allergic to synthetic additives, artificial colouring agents and flavours present in the food resulting in allergic reactions.
  • For women, when they attain puberty, pregnancy and menopause, it is common to have food allergies or intolerances due to hormonal changes.
  • Some food intolerances can be hereditary like gluten intolerance.

Symptoms of Food Hypersensitivity

Food Allergy or Food Hypersensitivity symptoms are not limited to the gut but can also affect the airway passages and skin. Some people develop symptoms within a few minutes of intake of intolerant food but others develop after a few hours. In some people, the allergic reactions are minor but in some, we can see life-threatening reactions. We will divide the symptoms based on severity so it can help you easily decide when it’s time for you to run to the doctor. 

Less Severe Symptoms:-

These are some of the less severe and more common Symptoms of Food Hypersensitivity.

Life-Threatening Symptoms: – 

These symptoms are alarming and one must be aware of this and rush to the doctor. We will recommend you book an online consultation now with Dr. Sahil Gupta because you can get treated naturally without any side effects on your body and no recurring condition can be seen.

  • Anaphylaxis, sudden and severe shock
  • Rapid or altered pulse
  • Sudden fall in blood pressure
  • Constriction of air passages
  • Swollen throat
  • Loss of consciousness.

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Ayurvedic Remedies to Treat Food Hypersensitivity 

Ayurvedic treatment of Food Hypersensitivity involves achieving the following goals: –

  • Symptomatic treatment helps in getting relief from severe symptoms.
  • Removal of Ama Visha (toxins) from the body by using purification therapies.
  • Building a strong immune system to deal with food-induced infections.
  • Advising the patient about an Ayurvedic way of eating and living to prevent further food allergies.

Okay, let’s discuss them one by one in detail so that you can get an idea about the Ayurvedic treatment of food hypersensitivity:-

1. Symptomatic Treatment

Symptomatic treatment involves the treatment of symptoms like vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach upset, skin-related symptoms and other respiratory tract-related symptoms.

Internal medication for natural treatment is one of the Ayurvedic Remedies to Treat Food Hypersensitivity and includes the indication of Gulika, Kwatha, Lehyam and others. 


  • Vilwadi Gulika
  • Kaisora Guggulu Gulika
  • Dooshivishari Gulika 


  • Patoladi Kwatha 


  • Dasamula Haritaki Lehyam 


  • Eladi Gana Choornam
  • Triphala Choornam 


  • Mustharishtam
  • Kutajarishtam
  • Jeerakarishtam 

Single Herbs 

2. Removal of Ama Visha (Toxins) from the Body (Detoxification or Purification)

It is important to remove the accumulated toxins from the body as much as we treat the symptoms. Because it is said that “A cleaner body is a healthier body”. By removing toxins from the body, we can:-

  • Improve the digestion capacity of the gut.
  • Boost the proper digestion of ingested food.
  • Boosts immunity and helps to fight frequent infections.

Detoxification is another way of Ayurvedic Remedies to Treat Food Hypersensitivity and the following are the herbal medicines for purification:- 

  • Aragwadhadi Kwath
  • Nimbadi Choornam
  • Aragvadha
  • Haridra
  • Guduchi
  • Manjistha
  • Nimba 

3. Immunity Boosters 

Strong immunity is vital to fight microbial attacks, reduce inflammation in the body, and relieve hypersensitivity reactions. Ayurveda always recommends the building of a strong immune system naturally by using the following herbal medicines:- 

  • Vilwadi Gulika
  • Manibhadra Gulam
  • Abhayarishtam
  • Triphala Choornam
  • Nimbadi Choornam
  • Manjishtadi Kwath
  • Guduchyadi Kwath
  • Haridra
  • Aragvadha
  • Khadija
  • Sirisha

 4. Diet and Lifestyle Guidelines for Food Hypersensitivity Patients 

Ayurveda’s way of living has been proven to be life-changing from ancient times. It improves the quality of life and also makes your life easier and healthier. If you religiously follow the Ayurvedic way of living and eating, you need not visit hospitals at all. Yes, Ayurveda is promising amazing results in your health. So through this blog, we would like to introduce you to some dos’ and don’ts of Ayurveda. Be it your daily eating habits or your way of living. So, let’s get into that!

  • Eat fresh and lively food. We mean, eat the food that has more nutrients and is freshly cooked rather than eating stale and packaged food that contains almost zero nutritious value.
  • Avoid junk foods, packaged foods, instant foods, and fast foods. No matter even if they save you a bunch of time, ultimately they’re gonna turn you into an unhealthy person. Don’t fall for that instant gratification, instead prioritise your long-term health.

Follow these Diet and Lifestyle Guidelines for Food Hypersensitivity Patients and witness the amazing results by yourself. Also do the following:-

  • Maintain a food journal. Yes, note down the foods you consume daily and the after-effects. If you are getting an allergic reaction to any particular food, then try to avoid it at any cost. Go for alternatives and make your living simpler and healthier.
  • Practice meditation and build a yoga routine. It will help to balance the imbalances of tri doshas and also regulate your hormones. Further, it will improve your mental health, keeping a balance between Tann (body) and Mann (Mind).

To sum up, eat healthily, avoid junk and live in peace! It may sound simpler but the results are huge. Implement this satvik way of living now and thank us later! That comes to an end to Diet and Lifestyle Guidelines for Food Hypersensitivity Patients.

Ayurvedic Remedies to Treat Food Hypersensitivity by IAFA Ayurveda® 

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A Quick Wrap-up

Food hypersensitivity is related to the allergies we get when we eat any Virudh Aahar (intolerant food). The symptoms are associated with the skin, gut and respiratory tract. The main cause among the Causes of Food Hypersensitivity is the autoimmune reaction that we get whenever any intolerant food is taken.

To treat Food Hypersensitivity with Ayurvedic remedies, one should focus on the removal of the root cause of the disease. This is what IAFA Ayurveda® focuses on, the 3-month therapy plan of IAFA® involves the expulsion of the root cause of the disease, making the patient healthy from the inside, boosting the patient’s immunity and improving the quality of life of the patient. Book an appointment now and get rid of all your allergies naturally. You deserve good health and prosperous wealth.

It’s time to level up your health. Hurry up and don’t wait until your health worsens. We will help you to strengthen your health and make your allergy free, because “Your Health is Our Priority“.