International Eat An Apple Day (September 17) – Celebrate with IAFA®

International Eat An Apple Day (September 17) - Celebrate with IAFA®

“An apple every day keeps you away from the doctor”, is the famous saying that we have heard growing up from our parents. Well, today is that day on which we have to remind everyone of the importance of having an apple every day. It is celebrated on the third Saturday of September every year. This day is a relic for us to eat this bright-colored, crunchy and juicy fruit. This year International Eat An Apple Day is observed on 17 September. The theme of this day is not only to eat an apple on this day but also every day and reap all its benefits.

History of Apple 

  • Apple was first produced in present-day Turkey. 
  • From there, through the silk route, it spread all over Asia.
  • From Asia, it dispersed to the west, and now alone in America, there are 2500 varieties of apples grown.

3 Fun Facts about Apple

  1. There are around 7500 varieties of apples
  2. Apples belong to the family, Rosaceae
  3. There are apples of every size, big and small. 

Why Do We Have to Celebrate International Eat An Apple Day? 

Apples are one of the healthiest fruits that anyone can have unless you are allergic to them. There are plenty of varieties, so you can enjoy every flavor you desire. Apple has printed its name in many cultural cuisines too. On this International Eat An Apple Day, let’s take a vow to raise a word to speak about the health benefits of eating an Apple and encourage everyone around us to eat an apple a day. 

What Does Ayurveda Say About Apple? 

  • Apple has a laxative property which is called Rachana in Ayurveda, so when an apple is taken in the morning, it helps in proper digestion. 
  • Apple is a house of antioxidants, good for the brain, and strengthens the immune system. 
  • It’s an incredible fruit for you if you are a Pitta-dominant person. 
  • Vata-dominant people can consume cooked apples and applesauce. 
  • Kapha dominant can avoid consuming raw apples instead you can have them as a sauce. 

Eating the Apple Right Way As Per Ayurveda

Ayurveda lays down some rules when it comes to eating fruits. It’s not what fruit you eat every day, it’s the way you consume it. You can only reap its full benefits only if it is consumed the right way and at the right time. Today is International Eat An Apple Day, so why not know the best way to eat apples? Okay, let’s get started and eat them the right way and also we hope you will share them with your loved ones too. 

  • Don’t eat an apple after a meal, as it is already heavy, consuming it right away the food will add a burden to your digestive system.
  • As Apple has some sourness and sweetness, it’s better to eat them alone rather than combining them with other fruits or with milk. 
  • Ayurveda always suggests consuming the fruits as it is rather than making their juice. Of course, we all love to sip the tangy and juicy drinks but you can reap its 100% nutrients as a fruit not when it is ground to some electric currents.

We guess you are clear now! Ayurveda is simple, eat an Apple as it is and at the right time. 

How Can We Celebrate International Eat An Apple Day?

Well, we would have told you to make delicious dishes out of apples mixed with all the artificial chemicals and flavors. But, in a slightly different way and adding the sparkle of Ayurveda to it, we will suggest you eat to do the following things on this auspicious day. 

  • The first thing is of course to eat an Apple and start your celebration.
  • Don’t just stop with one day, try to make it a habit, to eat every day.
  • Make posters or share videos of yourself about the importance of eating an apple every day. Hey, don’t forget to tag us! We would love to join you.
  • Tell your dear ones and others the right way of eating apples. 
  • Share the benefits of eating this delicious and crunchy fruit. 
  • Let them be aware if they are allergic to it. 
  • And finally, if you are allergic to apples or anything, you know what to do, right? Yes, you are correct, visit IAFA or just book an online consultation to have a chat with our Ayurvedic allergy specialist Dr. Sahil Gupta or even if this is difficult for you, you can just WhatsApp us, and we will revert to you. 

Happy International Eat An Apple Day 2022

IAFA wishes you all a very Happy International Eat An Apple Day 2022, make this day special and memorable.