How to Get Rid of Anaphylaxis Naturally?

Get Rid of Anaphylaxis Naturally

Anaphylaxis is a hypersensitive reaction of the body towards certain types of foods, peanuts, medicines, insect bites etc. It is considered as a serious allergy mimicking the reaction of the body towards external stimulus.

What are the Symptoms of Anaphylaxis?

The respiratory symptoms of Anaphylaxis include:

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Nasal dripping
  • Tightness of chest
  • Wheezing
  • Congestion
  • Shock

Shock is a life-threatening stage in anaphylaxis. This should be managed under emergency care.

What is the Cause of Anaphylaxis – According to Ayurveda?

As per Ayurveda, anaphylactic reactions can be commonly seen in persons who have Vata and Pitta dominant body types. This is because people with Vata dominant dosha often have weak immunity, low ojas (immunity) due to under-nourished tissues of the body and Pitta dosha dominant persons are aggressive in nature. Their body reacts aggressively to certain kinds of foods.

Ayurvedic Pathology of Anaphylaxis

The Ayurvedic pathology of an anaphylactic reaction can be explained in two stages. These are:

  1. Stage I: Stage I is referred to as slow ama formation (toxin build up). Due to slow toxin build up over a period of time, the increased doshas that are circulating all over the body may or may not produce symptoms.
  2. Stage II: There is a sudden aggravation of symptoms in this stage. The symptoms occur when the person is exposed to allergens such as peanuts, milk or certain wrong foods. These aggravated doshas lodged in the skin, respiratory system, digestive system or cardiovascular system. This happens in a short period of a few seconds to minutes. In Ayurveda, this part of the pathology can be considered as Visha or Dushi Visha (poisoning).

What is the Ayurvedic Treatment of Anaphylaxis?

Based on the history of anaphylactic reactions, Ayurvedic treatment of anaphylaxis at IAFA aims at building a strong immunity and helps the person to reduce the frequency and intensity of future anaphylactic reactions. Herbal medicines prescribed by IAFA are based on the Ayurvedic principles and help in improving digestion strength by eliminating out the remnant Ama (amalgam of undigested food and weak digestive juices) and building immunity as well.

External Herbal Remedies and Procedure by IAFA for the Treatment of Respiratory Anaphylactic Symptoms

1. Nasal All Clear X Drops

Nasal All Clear X Drops is a pure Ayurvedic preparation manufactured by IAFA and infused with the power of herbs which help to relieve nasal congestion associated with respiratory anaphylactic trouble. It works by moistening the nasal mucosa, clearing the nasal mucous and washing off allergens as well. It contains herbs such as – Jyotishmati (Celastrus paniculatus), Maricha (Piper nigrum), Pippali (Piper longum), Vidanga (Embelia ribes), Shigru (Moringa pterygosperma), Haridra (Curcuma longa), Nagarmotha (Cyperus scariosus), Bruhati (Solanum indicum), Sariva (Hemidesmus indicus) and Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra).

Method of Usage: 4-5 drops can be instilled twice daily.

2. Nasal Air (Herbal Smoking)

Nasal Air by IAFA is a unique Ayurvedic preparation for Dhoom Nasya Karma in respiratory anaphylactic trouble. This unique dhupam wick is handcrafted with 7 herbs. These herbs are: Aragwadha (Cassia fistula), Shatahva (Anethum graveolens), Tvak (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), Bala (Sida cordifolia), Syonaka (Oroxylum indicum), Eranda (Ricinus communis) and Haridra (Curcuma longa) It is completely natural and there are no toxic side effects.

Method of Usage: used for Dhumapana or Dhoomapana karma. One end of the wick is burned and the flame should be stopped. The medicated smoke coming out of the wick can be inhaled through alternate nostrils and eliminated by oral route. A paper cone with a hole can be used to guide the smoke. Children (5-14 years) can take for 1-3 minutes. All above 14 years can take 3-5 minutes.

Herbal Remedies by IAFA for the Treatment of Respiratory Anaphylactic Symptoms

1. Aam Visha Balance Tablets

Aam Visha Balance Tablets by IAFA is an ultimate proprietary blend for the elimination of ama and detoxification. It is very useful in Pitta-related disorders. As Ama is the root cause of anaphylaxis due to the intake of food, it helps in eliminating ama from the system due to its sheet veerya (cold potency). The ingredients of Aam Visha Balance Tablet are: Kamdudha Ras, Giloy Satv, Akik Pishti (Agate Calcium), Praval Pishti (Coral Calcium), Jahar Mohra Pishti (Ayurvedic Calcium Compound), Godanti Bhasma, Mukta Pishti (pearl), Shankh Bhasam (Conch Shell) and Kapardarak Bhasam.

Dosage: Take 1-2 tablets twice a day after food.

2. Respiratory Detox Tablets

Respiratory Detox Tablets manufactured by IAFA are a perfect blend for all respiratory ailments and nasal allergies. This formulation is strictly based on the principles of Ayurveda and developed under the supervision of experienced healthcare professionals. It is a perfect blend of Ayurvedic herbs that work in a synergistic manner to provide relief in respiratory troubles associated with anaphylaxis. The herbs used in this formulation are: Hingu (Ferula narthex), Surasa (Ocimum sanctum), Jivanti (Leptadenia reticulata), Ela (Elettaria cardamomum), Bhumi Amla (Phyllanthus niruri), Kanthkari (Solanum xanthocarpum), Bruhati (Solanum indicum), Agaru (Aquilaria agallocha), Pushkarmul (Iris germanica) and Ustekudus (Lavandula stoechas). All these herbs show best results in treating chronic respiratory allergic illness.

Dosage: Take 1-2 tablets twice a day before food.

3. Total Care 3X Ras

Total Care 3X Ras contains powerful herbs that help in the treatment of many types of allergies including respiratory tract allergy caused due to anaphylaxis. All the herbs in Total Care 3X have the properties such as shodhani (cleansing), anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-histaminic etc. The herbal ingredients are: Satyanashi (Argemone mexicana), Dronapushpi (Leucas cephalotes), Sirisha (Albizia lebbeck), Bhoomi Amla (Phyllanthus niruri), Vasa Putapaka (Adhatoda vasica), Dugdhika (Euphorbia hirta), Yavakshara (Hordeum vulgare) and Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra).

Dosage: Take 20-30 ml twice a day with water.

4. Haridra Khandam

Due to anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties of Haridra Khandam, it is widely used in Ayurveda for the treatment of various kinds of allergic disorders. The main component of Haridra Khandam is turmeric. The other ingredients present in it have antioxidant and anti-histaminic actions. Hence, it acts as an effective Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of respiratory anaphylactic trouble.

Dosage: Take 1-2 teaspoons twice a day.

Diet and Lifestyle

  • Take soup of seasonal vegetables and warm water in the diet.
  • Adequate sleep for 7 hours is essential.
  • Exposure to wind, dust, smoke and other allergens should be avoided.
  • Intake of packaged and processed foods, fermented foods should be avoided.
  • Certain yoga exercises such as pawanmuktasana, shavasana are beneficial.


Thus, IAFA follows a holistic approach in the management of respiratory anaphylactic trouble. The anaphylaxis treatment in Ayurveda by IAFA is done with the help of herbal remedies along with changes in diet and lifestyle and thus prevention of anaphylaxis is possible.